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spinalfics's Journal

This is Spinal Tap fanfiction
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This is Spinal Tap Fanfiction

This is Spinal Tap, directed by Rob Reiner, and written by Christopher Guest and Michael McKean, is the 1984 film "documenting" the UK's loudest band, Spinal Tap.

This community is dedicated to those who have written, or those who are in search of fanfiction for the cult movie classic, This is Spinal Tap. For those without a place to go for their Spinal Tap fiction craving, you finally have a place!

And even though the title of the community is Spinalfics, works of art and any other of your original creative endeavors are welcome here, as well! We encourage you to contribute to the modest (but hopefully growing) Spinal Tap fandom!

Please, though, if you have any adult content, post it behind an lj-cut with a NSFW warning. Just to be safe.

Warning: This community is open to all submissions of fiction and art, unless they are purposefully offensive in nature. That means that slash is accepted here, (slash is the pairing of two male characters) as well as anything else, assuming it is not meant to demean the film or the readers (or anyone else, for that matter,) in any way, shape, or form. Be good to each other, that's all I ask.

Your community moderator: _cloudy_. Contact me via livejournal or e-mail.